Welcome to our page! We are the East Coast Wine Couple (ECWC)!

About us: We are Shawn and Sheri (better known to friends as S&S), working professionals who share a love for good food, good wine, and great wine tasting experiences. We discovered our love for wine and visiting wineries during a honeymoon road trip through Virginia, when we accidentally stumbled across the Charlottesville, Virginia area. Having no experience with wine, wine tasting, or food and wine pairings, we visited wineries and spoke to those who worked in the tasting room about wine, how it’s made, how to taste, and how to hone in your own preferences. Since then, we’ve traveled the mid-Atlantic east coast (along with the occasional trip to the Napa/Sonoma, CA areas) tasting wines, and offer that there are some wonderful wineries right on the east coast. So much can be learned by just talking to the winemaker and those that work in the tasting room, which is half of the experience of wine tasting. We are still learning about wine, and in no way consider ourselves experts, and continue to develop an appreciation for the wine making process. Also, we enjoy creating our own wine and food pairings, on a budget, and look forward to sharing our suggestions with you. We do not believe in the “old school” wine pairing mentality, drawing hard lines of what food is supposed to pair with what wine—it’s all about personal preference and what you’re in the mood for!

The goals of our blog are simple:

  • To share our experiences of our winery visits, primarily along the mid-Atlantic/east coast (Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, etc.), and provide suggestions for plotting out your own wine tasting travels.
  • Provide suggestions of high quality, low cost (typically $10-$20) wine, beer, and liquor from around the world that can be found at local liquor stores.
  • Share suggestions for food and wine pairings and recipes, sometimes from area restaurants but more often based on home-cooked meals, using local, low-cost ingredients.

We did not start this website to rate wineries, but rather to report our experiences, and provide our recommendations through these experiences, depending on your own personal preference. For example, while we do not particularly like dessert or ice wines, we will still visit wineries that produce these wines and write about our experiences there with the staff, atmosphere, and wine, and recommend it for a particular audience. Also, the end of each post will have a “main takeaways” section, where you can read about the main highlights and then decide for yourself if you’d like to visit a particular winery or try a certain wine or recipe.

Cheers and Enjoy!

Sheri & Shawn